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T-N.T. APS-X HOP-UP System GBB [Std.] Upgrade Kit (245 mm + T-HOP/TR-HOP/HLR-HOP/TL-HOP)

TWD $1,700

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Product details

Enlarged HOP-UP window for bucking

Different from the common AEG or GBB inner barrel, the enlarged window is compatible with almost any brand of bucking.

Highly compatible

T-N.T. inner barrel series is common platform, has been pre-completed with the side cut groove of AEG, GBB, and VSR, suitable the almost HOP-UP bucking on the market. More better compatibility, almost suitable for most popular brands airsoft replica model on the market.

T-N.T cutting edge inner barrels are definitely the best thing in airsoft today, use the『Precision Double I/D Air-cushion inner barrel』with『T-HOP / TR-HOP bucking』,make your airsoft BB gun's performance better then better !!

-Material : bronze with electroplated chemical nickel surface.

-Inside diameter : 6.03 mm / 6.35 mm

-Outside diameter : 8.5 mm

T-N.T. APS-X HOP-UP System GBB [Std.] Upgrade Kit (245 mm + T-HOP/TR-HOP/HLR-HOP/TL-HOP)

TWD $1,700


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