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亞瑪順國際洋行 / YAMASHUN CO.


2020.11 █ Emerged on the Ruten platform under the alias "Jordan the Customer Service"

2021.02 █ Completed formal business registration, established a professional import and export trading company,
                  "YAMASHUN International Trading Company / YAMASHUN CO.", also known as "YMS AIRSOFT".
Focused on cultivating the domestic e-commerce market.

2021.05 █ Acquired distribution rights for brands such as PolarStar and Primary Airsoft from the United States,
                  actively promoting HPA systems in Taiwan


2022.11 █ Successfully obtained the distribution rights of the Austrian brand NOVRITSCH in Taiwan and has since collaborated closely

2022.12 █ Participated in the international airsoft exhibition MOA 2022 to conduct physical marketing for brands on hand


2023.05 █ Acquired the distribution rights of Silverback Airsoft in Taiwan and established a comprehensive logistics system,
                  ongoing to date

2023.07 █ Official launch of the solid YMS website, offering diverse payment methods and
                  commencing the introduction of the Japanese Lambda Airsoft Parts.

2023.11 █ Attended the BAKURETSU Festival in Japan, showcasing globally exclusive products from EK Design


YAMASHUN CO. was initially conceived and gradually established by Jordan Chen and Hsu.
Initially, Jordan managed full-time e-commerce operation,
while Hsu, also an athlete, engaged in product marketing and display alongside when participating races and games.


As the scale slowly grew, the focus shifted towards developing a more refined company structure.
Fueled by a passion for Airsoft and a meticulous approach, they attracted like-minded partners;
each individual was passionate about Airsoft with expertise in business, trade, or design.
Combined with adept use of social media and flexible marketing strategies, they progressively drew more attention domestically and internationally.


Presently, the primary business involves marketing products from overseas brands such as
Le Covert Sartorialist, CAMO-PEN, MIM tech,
LAMBDA, PDI, Stalker, PolarStar, RAPAX... and others.

We have applied and hold legal import approval/permission letters for the entire product range from the National Police Agency of Taiwan, facilitating import clearance and ensuring reduced customer wait times.


Domestically, the marketing primarily focuses on brands such as
TBRM Precision, I.A.N., UNICORN, GHK, and ICS, all top-notch local brands.
We aim to collaborate with more high-quality manufacturers in the future to achieve better sales performance.


Every product sold by YMS undergoes rigorous testing to ensure complete logistical maintenance and technical support.
Each item (of course, samples) goes through on-site testing to ensure they meet real-life usage conditions and customer expectations before approval for listing.


Balancing commercial considerations without compromising the core essence, we persist in maintaining the most original and straightforward approach, seeking out good products, delivering them, and taking care of each user.


█ █ █ Team Members █ █ █

[CEO] Yen-Chen Chen / Jordan

[CTO] Hugh Hsu

[Design Director] Eddy Sun

[Sales/Operations Director] Raffaele Chen

[Marketing Specialist] Willian Chang


If there is question or any advice could help us, please contact "order@ymsairsoft.com.tw". Thank you.