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This is a pre-order product.

Silverback TAC-41 L Bolt-action Sniper Rifle (BK)

TWD $999,999

Pre-order note
Est. 2024 Spring
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Special Offer

  1   quantity limit

Product details

 Oversea sales/Transporting airsoft gun to other countries is restricted.


"Flexible, your style, your show."


Ambidextrous Design

Aluminium Receiver

Volume 41 c.c.

75N Spring

Barrel Spacer x3

Rail stock Adapted

AEG-type Inner Barrel

Tapered Outer Barrel


6.05 mm, 330 mm

24 mm CW

Adjustable TDC


Length 916 mm

Weight 2080 g

IME 1.0 Joule


YMS Tech Support

*95N Spring not compatible (SBA-SPR-08)


Product and Usage Precautions

"The appearance of the product may have slight color differences from the actual product due to webpage rendering or technical issues; Images are for reference only, and the actual style of the product shall prevail.
Please do not publicly display or operate this product in places other than the following: home, retail stores, studios, shooting ranges, survival game venues, or locations where only authorized personnel are present and visible.
When transporting or carrying, please use a non-transparent and non-gun-like gun bag, gun case, gun box, or large packaging bag for loading, and do not open it casually during the process.

"During operation, all regulations and etiquette are the same as when using real firearms, and comply with the rules on-site; except in approved game processes, the muzzle must never be pointed at others at any time, even if they are fully armed.
When not firing, engage the safety and keep fingers outside the trigger guard without touching the trigger, point the muzzle downward toward the ground, and use the other hand to stabilize the forend to prevent shaking or collisions.
Please do not lend equipment to others indiscriminately, especially to those under 16 years old; apart from operational technical issues, due to their size, the structure and weight of this product may cause physical injury during use.

Please do not use this product to attack animals, even if it is designated by the government for the removal of invasive species such as the Green Iguana. Shooting at them not only has no effective result but also interferes with the location documentation and capture efforts of professionals.


YMS AIRSOFT (YAMASHUN CO.) does not bear any responsibility for the actions and consequences of consumers. Please be mindful of your own safety and the rights of others to avoid breaking the law.

Silverback TAC-41 L Bolt-action Sniper Rifle (BK)

TWD $999,999


Special Offer

  1   quantity limit