STALKER,AAP01,µm,Stainless Steel,Dual Inner Dials.,6.05 mm,Inner Barrel,250 mm

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STALKER "Morpheus" Hi-capa µm Stainless Steel Dual Inner Dials. 6.01 mm Inner Barrel (112.5 mm)

TWD $1,130

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Product details

This Stalker "Morpheus" 6.01 Dual Bore barrel is custom made for the HI-CAPA and is designed to offer the airsoft community one barrel to rule them all.


The Morpheus Hybrid Barrel is made out of very durable SUS304 Stainless Steel and has a Dualbore tapered end-crowning to upgrade your range and accuracy.


We used the more durable and stronger SUS304 seamless Steel because we wanted to step up the game a bit. Most brands use SUS303 seamed steel because it's easier to machine. SUS303 stainless steel's corrosion resistance is weakened due to its composition as it's specialized for machinability so the SUS304 steel we use is harder to machine but more durable and has wonderful corrosion resistance.




This barrel fits in the following airsoft systems and all other systems that accept these barrels:


Hi-Capa 5.1


Other GBB pistols  (Check Slots on Photo if your GBB Airsoftgun is compatible with this barrel)


Barrel Specs:

Barrel Material: Cold Forged Seamless SUS304 Stainless Steel Barrel

Inner diameter: 6.01mm

Barrel End-Crown Diameter: ~7.80

Surface Treatment Tolerance Quality: 0.001 Milimeter Class Accuracy

STALKER "Morpheus" Hi-capa µm Stainless Steel Dual Inner Dials. 6.01 mm Inner Barrel (112.5 mm)

TWD $1,130


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