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KWA/KSC Beretta x Umarex Licensed "PMX" Airsoft GBB SMG

TWD $8,000

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Special Offer

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Product details

 Oversea sales/Transporting airsoft gun to other countries is restricted.


This licensed replica of the KWA Beretta PMX GBB, sold by Umarex, impresses with its quality and efficiency.

PMX SMG with design characteristics carried over from the iconic Beretta M12 SMG but reinvented with engineering polymer furniture and ambidextrous controls.

Beretta PMX GBB is the ideal companion in the CQB area. Small, compact, and crisp.

The body is made of high-quality, fiber-reinforced polymer and has a folding stock. The Quad rail allows various attachments to be attached.

The blowback effect is pronounced, the fire selector lever and repeating lever can be operated from both sides and attaching a tracer or silencer is also possible. (M12x1 thread)

The fire selector provides 3 modes of fire; safe, semi and full auto, with > 45-degree throw between safe and semi and 90-degree throw between semi and full auto. This makes the PMX remarkably fast to manipulate if you use the fire selector as the real guys do, “sights off, safety on”. The longer throw to full auto is also very useful to prevent accidentally bumping the selector into the full auto mode as you move.


Basic information

Length: 418 / 637mm

Height: 227mm

Outer barrel length: 121mm

Inner barrel length: 162mm

Magazine Capacity: 48

Weight: 2.4kg

Rate of fire: 10+

Velocity: 380 – 400 FPS

Power source: Green Gas

Gas system: Adjustable gas system

Caliber: 6mm BB


Power: 389 FPS

KWA/KSC Beretta x Umarex Licensed "PMX" Airsoft GBB SMG

TWD $8,000


Special Offer

  1   quantity limit